Elsa Kundig

Έλσα Κούντιγκ
Polyphonica Voices
Τeaching - Registrar of POLYPHONICA DRUMS TEAM

Elsa Kundig was born in Athens of a Swiss father and Greek mother. She graduated from the Music High School of Pallini, majoring in cello. She studied psychology in Athens at the Panteion University and ethnomusicology in England at SOAS, the University of London. She trained in storytelling narration at the International School of Storytelling in Sussex, England. She has also attended numerous seminars in voice, music-pedagogy and music-therapy. She loves choral singing and has been a member of different vocal groups (community choirs, traditional polyphonic groups, and the choir of the Friends of Music Society “MUSICA”).

Elsa Kundig has been an inspiration for art workshops for children with special needs and music workshops for children from different cross-cultural groups in England, Switzerland and Greece. Her participation in the course “Music in Society” of the Department of Music Studies at the University of Athens (in 2011 as researcher within the framework of her post-graduate thesis and in 2013 as supervisor for a group of students) played an influential role in the formation of her ideological and artistic propensities.

From 2012 on, she has resided in Greece where she is realizing her dream of inspiring underprivileged groups through the art of music. Along with Mariza Vamvoukli, she has taken on the musical coaching and music education of the choir POLYPHONICA, where she carries out the obligations of registrar for the percussion section of POLYPHONICA. Simultaneously, she works in other socially sensitive areas and participates in various projects (in conjunction with groups and artistic vehicles such as the youth choir ROSARTE, “Myrtilo Café” and the “Caravan Project-another world is here”).