Giorgos Fasolis

Polyphonica Drums Team
Ηead of the percussion section - Teaching

Giorgos Fasolis is a Professor of Advanced Music Theory and traditional ethnic percussion instruments. He is a graduate of the two-year professional cycles of studies of Music and Movement “Carl Orff”. He has attended the seminars on percussion instruments of Petros Kourtis, Zohar Fresco, Glen Velez, STOMP as well as the seminars on music-education Kodaly, Dalcroze, and others for theatre and multi-media expression in Greece and abroad. Recently, he attended a seminar of advanced training from EEMAPE (The Union of Primary School Educators in Music) regarding the new music books for the public elementary schools.

For three years, Giorgos Fasolis was an associate in the research group of the Rallis Experimental School of Piraeus under the supervision of the Department of Education of the University of Athens, whose goal has been the inclusion of music and kinetics education within the public school curriculum. He has also worked with the University of Athens within the framework of a pilot program for cross-cultural education.

Giorgos Fasolis plays percussion for music-theatrical performances and with various groups. He has performed at the Herod Atticus Theatre and at the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens, participating in instrumental and vocal ensembles.

He has taught at seminars for the further music education of musicians and teachers within the framework of the “MELINA” program and has participated as narrator for the first international music education seminar held by EEME (The Greek Union for Music Education).

Giorgos Fasolis currently teaches music-kinetic education and traditional ethnic percussion at schools and conservatoires. From April 2014, he has been the head of the percussion section of POLYPHONICA.