Polyphonica Voices

Teaching days: 
Teaching hours: 
17.00 - 19.50
Hill School (Thoukydidou 9, Plaka)

POLYPHONICA’s first project was the creation of a cross-cultural youth choir, the POLYPHONICA VOICES, in which young people learn to sing in a correct and safe manner, in order to communicate and to cooperate. The children, even the youngest ones, are exposed to the languages and musical traditions of countries all over the world, which, needless to say, broadens their horizons and reinforces the message that they are part of a global community. During the school year 2015-2016 the chorus hosted sixty children originating from twenty different countries.


Polyphonica Voices

Chorus master:Mariza Vamvoukli

Teachers: Mariza Vamvoukli, Elsa Kundig, Myrto Tikof.

The choir is designed for young people between the ages of 8 and 16.

The rehearsals of the chorus are held at the Hill School (Thoukididou 9, Plaka) every Friday from 17.00-19.50 in the afternoon. This includes a 20 minute break.

Participation in POLYPHONICA VOICES chorus is free-of-charge for the underpriviledged children.