Rules and regulations


The study, acceptance, and commitment of the Parents/Guardians to the rules and regulations listed herein are essential requirements for the children’s participation and continuation in the musical courses of POLYPHONICA.

1. Auditions

  • Candidates are accepted into the Choir, Drums and Dance Teams following a simple audition-acquaintance with the teacher/teachers.
  • Candidates are not required to have music or dancing training or knowledge.
  • Criteria for selection are the candidates’ genuine interest in music and dance and in working as a team, for bringing out their best in the task of collective musical activities.  Attention is paid to the maintaining of the cross-cultural nature of the Choir.
  • Every candidate undergoes a trial period of two weeks before full acceptance into the Choir or Drums Team.

2. Studies

  • During the trial period and thereafter, members of the Choir, Drums and Dance Teams are obliged to join in the music lessons, rehearsals and performances.
  • Lessons and rehearsals for the Choir and Drums Sections are held at the Hill School (Thoukydikou 9,  Plaka, Athens). The Dance Section is held at the ATHENS MEGARON CONCERT HALL (Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and Kokkali Street, entrance from Kokkali street)
  • Members attend the lessons and participate in rehearsals once a week (for all  sections).
  • Each rehearsal is approximately 2 ½  hours long for the Choir and one hour for the Drums and the Dance Teams. In some rare occasions some extra time may be needed. For the Choir there is a  break of 15 minutes.
  • The working schedule of the lessons-rehearsals (programmed in September/October for the duration of the entire school year) is set and may change only for a serious reason or force majeure.
  • Members are required to arrive 5 minutes before the start of the lesson-rehearsal.
  • The Registrar updates the attendance book (recording attendances and absences) and keeps a catalogue of the members’ contact information.
  • Every absence is inexcusable if there are no serious health issues or force majeure. If the student cannot attend a rehearsal or has to be late for the predetermined rehearsal hour, the parent-guardian must notify the Registrar in due time by telephone, SMS or e-mail. 
  • The teachers  have the right to deny the participation of a student in a concert if he/she has had three (3) consecutive absences or eight (8) total absences in the course of the school year.

 3. Members’ Obligations

  • Each member is obligated to study and do homework, according to the instructions of the music teachers.
  • Each member must keep the music material given him/her in perfect condition in a special dossier (especially for the Choir section).
  • Members must conduct themselves with courtesy and respect, maintain friendly relations with each other, refrain from discrimination, keep order and cleanliness in the rehearsal and performance halls, the courtyard and the toilets and be responsible for their personal effects.
  • Members must not bring cell phones or other electronic devices into the classrooms, rehearsal, and performance halls.
  • Members are required to hand over all newsletters and notes and to convey all verbal messages from the Registrar to their Parents/Guardians.  On the other hand, the Registrar is not responsible for the children’s negligence in notifying their Parents/Guardians.

 4. Parental-Guardian Responsibilities

  • Parents/Guardians must accompany their children to the school, complete and sign the registration form, talk to the Registrar, and attend Parent-Guardian meetings.
  • Parents-Guardians are not allowed to stay in the school during the lessons-rehearsals unless specifically requested in advance by the Registrar or teachers.
  • Parents/Guardians must assure the punctual and regular attendance of their children at the rehearsal-performance halls. 
  • In case that the children are transported by bus to and from the rehearsals or performances, responsibility for their accompaniment will be entrusted in rotation to two Parents/Guardians as determined by the Registrar.
  • Clothing for the concerts for the Choir and Drums sections is specified by POLYPHONICA and is uniform and mandatory for all members.  The children must keep it in good condition and use it only during performances.  Parents must assure that it is always kept clean and available and must duly notify the Registrar about any possible wear and tear to the uniform. 
  • Parents must give their consent for the Choir, Drums and Dance Team's broadcasting, videotaping and filming and approve the publicizing of photographs, the taping and public transmission of performance videos, and the participation of the children in interviews, publicity and other promotional activities of the Choir and Drums Team.
  • All promotional activities and communication are solely done by POLYPHONICA. Please be assured that these will be done discretely, with respect to the children and their families and only for the best interest of POLYPHONICA, noting that no commercial benefit whatsoever will derive from these actions.  Parents / Guardians may photograph /videotape their children during the events, but this "commemorative type" material may be used only for private use. 


The Choir and Drums Team are supported financially by the private, non-profit company POLYPHONICA.  Parents/Guardians of the members of the Choir and the Drums Team  have absolutely no claim to POLYPHONICA’s income, which comes from private donations, and is allocated solely for the covering of the expenses of all the cultural activities as made provision for by its Articles of Association.


  • POLYPHONICA was created to support underprivileged children, thus their study in the Choir and Drums Team is free-of-charge . For any other children wishing to participate  in  POLYPHONICA’S activities, please contact the Registrar.
  • Music materials and all equipment for the lessons, rehearsals, concerts (dossiers, writing materials, photocopies, etc.) are provided free-of-charge.
  • Travel and room and board expenses for trips out of Athens are paid for by either POLYPHONICA or the host that invites the Choir and Drums Team.
  • The basic dress for concerts (for the Choir and Drums sections) is a blouse or shirt bearing the insignia of POLYPHONICA which is offered free-of-charge. Α POLYPHONICA cap is also provided and used in outdoor performances.