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Any support is valuable so that we can continue to encourage children and youths from underprivileged backgrounds to participate in a community that offers them a chance to learn and create.

POLYPHONICA is supported by:


You can donate by depositing the desired amount to the following bank account: 

Beneficiary: POLYPHONICA

ALPHA BANK account number: 1070 0200 2005 867 IBAN number: GR 41 0140 1070 1070 0200 2005 867


Become a Friend!

I wish to subscribe as Friend of the non-profit organization POLYPHONICA, in accordance with the Article 9 of its Statute. The minimum annual financial contribution of a Friend to the Society for the pursuit of its objectives amounts to 20 euros.

You can deposit the amount of 20 euros in the following bank account:
Beneficiary: POLYPHONICA, at ALPHA BANK, Account number: 1070 0200 2005 867, IBAN number: GR 41 0140 1070 1070 0200 2005 867


Volunteering is always welcome and valuable. If you wish to spare some time for us to facilitate our work, please fill your details in the form below and we will contact you where we need your help.